ORANGERIE D’OR / 2002-2005 / (A)

brief description: multifunctional hall / municipality of the city of graz / world cultural heritage / restoration / technical upgrading / revitalization, // space sharing aspects: hybrid multifunctional use for ceremonies / concerts, conferences / exhibitions

location: Burggarten, Graz, Austria client: Amt der Steiermärkischen Landesregierung/federal state of Styria, represented by Landesimmobiliengesellschaft mbH
architecture: Grabner ZT KEG / SPLITTERWERK
project-team: Mark Blaschitz, Hannes Freiszmuth, Johann Grabner, Edith Hemmrich, Bernhard Kargl, Marcoemilio Perugini, Josef Roschitz, Maik Rost
structural consultant: Johann Wolfesberger
energy consultant: Peter Kautsch
photos: Paul Ott

site area: 1.214 sqm
built-up area: 355 sqm
costs: 710.000 €
start of planning: 2002
start of construction: 2004
completion: 2005
construction: Eder Bau GmbH, Safner Objekttischlerei GmbH, Bscheider GmbH, Franz Steyer GesmbH, Glas Zemann GesmbH, Kern Metalltechnik GesmbH, Kocher KG, Lieb Bau Weiz

The classicist building in the midst of the palace gardens in Graz, built in the years 1842/43, originally served as a winter storage area for tropical plants. As historical documents show, the Orangerie d’Or, supplemented by temporarily erected tents, was also used for festivities and dancing as early as the 19th century.

Based on the desired use of the main room as a representative ceremonial room for banquets, dinners and concerts, the two side wings were designed as an entrance hall and a catering zone, and the historical supply corridor as a storage room for chairs and tables, subsidiary to the ceremonial room. The walls, floor and ceiling in the ceremonial room were painted in golden tones of different reflective qualities. The aim was to make the edges of the room disappear by means of ornamental designs and mirror effects. This creates an optical expansion of the long room and a special frame for the unique view of the Burggarten.

VerfasserIn: Sarah Behrens // Bilder & Text: SPLITTERWERK

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